Feb 062011

On February 3rd, when Japanese people were celebrating the last day of traditional “old year” with Setsubun holiday, Chinese people were celebrating a New Year’s Day.

Nankin Machi is the name for a famous China Town in Kobe. At the time of Chinese New Year huge celebrations are held in the neighborhood.

Lion dance, dragon dance, acrobatic and martial arts shows take place in the central square.

And let it be a Show Me Japan entry for this week BudgetTrouble blog.

  4 Responses to “Chinese New Year in Kobe’s Nankinmachi”

  1. Ahhhh…. That reminds of the New Year parade in NYC Chinatown… Good times!

    • Parade would be better. TV kept saying they were expecting 3 million viewers (over 4 days) and all events took place on this small stage. But anyway, China Town in Kobe is very small, nice, but small.

  2. Great photos of Chinese New Year’s ceremony. You captured the stunning performance very well!!!
    Thanks for sharing and participating in “Show Me Japan”.

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