Jan 202012

It’s not unusual to see a television reportage when Japanese people visiting aquarium, asked for their impression say おいしい (tasty). This time an aquarium itself advertises this way. Fortunately they mention ちょっとグロテスク (a bit grotesque) in the subtitle, probably not to make you disappointed if you keft hungry.

Edit: My distinction between what you admire visually and what you taste got blurred after visting the fish market in Naha, Okinawa.


おいしい ? 水遊官


In Japanese “aquarium” as a tank and aquarium as a public venue are referred to with different words. The tank is called either 水槽 or アクアリウム, while the venue is generally called 水族館 (a museum of “water family”). However different venues might be called. Osaka Aquarium is called for example 海遊館 (a hall of marine entertainment).

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