May 312011

Jay Dee in a post about Kawagoe wonders if the hip-hop style shop is for horses?

I find it no unusual, if there is a demand, and certainly Japanese horses care about attire, it is filled with suitable offering. For example famous “Design in Tokyo, made in China” (original spelling) underwear brand Betones has special line catering for our hoofed friends.

  4 Responses to “Equine fashion designed in Tokyo”

  1. but the hoofed communities in Japan only care about the undies? XD

  2. Wow, those horses are pretty buff. o.O
    Do they only like undies though?

  3. Would you mind if I reposted this photo on my blog, with a link back to your site?

    • Dear Thurisaz,

      I apologize for late answer, I don’t know why I did not get an email with new comment and noticed it just now.

      Please use the photo on your blog (if it is not too late). I wonder in what context.


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