Nov 192011

To my surprise, a few days ago I noticed the most popular of my videos was about to pass 5,000 views and my YouTube channel was about to reach 15,000 views. Both numbers were achieved today. And both are very encouraging to share more and more frequently.

While for YouTube videos 5000 views might not be much, I did not expect a change of wheels in a danjiri float might gather as many views. Thank you, it is a big encouragement!

Here is my most popular video from last year’s Danjiri Matsuri in Kishiwada.

After taking part in the festival this year, I have found out I was really lucky to take this video. Most of the danjiri floats have their wheels changed during a break in their bases at a pace much less dramatic than this one.

  2 Responses to “Kishiwada Danjiri video passes 5000 views”

  1. Wow! I took part in Kishiwada danjiri more than 4 years ago, back when I lived in Osaka, but I never saw a pit stop! Thanks for sharing! ^^

    I also took video footage when I went, with a really crappy digital camera – got an interesting shot of one of the floats basically shoving people into a wall, was really shocking! o.O;

    • Videos named “Kishiwada Danjiri accident” are really popular on YouTube, but I was surprised to see this one got attention.

      In 2011 I also went to Danjiri Matsuri both in September and October and still struggle with photos and footage. I plan to put up some Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri special for my photo site, but it will take time.

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