Feb 092011

So you heard Kobe beef is delicious but expensive? Here’s a venue in Kobe that will overturn both stereotypes serve you a very good burger.

世界でここだけ 神戸牛バーガー
Only here in the whole world!!!Kobe beef burger

Ok, 12 USD for a beef sandwich is not cheap, but still for Kobe beef one zero is missing, I guess.

Edit: And I was wrong with my sarcasm! The Kobe beefsteak burger served there is really good. Quite some time ago it was served in two pieces in a folding box, that you had to fold and clap to combine the pieces, but now it is served in a paper tissue. It looks like this:

  4 Responses to “Kobe beef for cheapskates”

  1. So, you mean it’s cheap and NOT delicious?
    I’d kill for a proper roast beef sandwich right about now…

  2. I’d still give it a go.
    I saw a “normal” burger go for about 1600 Yen here the other day.
    A friend tried it and said it wasn’t all that. 😛
    I’d go for yakiniku over a burger any day anyway. Although Kobe beef yakiniku… o.O
    How many zeros would that involve I wonder…

    • OK, I was wrong twice. The sandwich (steak burger) is very decent (probably because it is Chinese district and stalls serve there much more tasty food). But in menu you can also order 本日魔法ステーキ for a bargain price of only 5.000 yen. Wodering what might be so magic about it… (regular steak costs 1.500 yen).

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