Oct 122011
Japanese tengu

Some people claim Tengu—demons living in Japanese mountains and forests—are mythical creatures, but in fact they are very real. However if we don’t change our behavior, they soon might really become only characters in tales for children…

I have encountered Tengu several times in Japan and from my encounters they appear to be mischievous but harmless creatures playing pranks on children and caring for good of elder people by offering sake.

Unfortunately many people consider Tengu to be evil spirits and they chase those who descended to towns and villages. And while Tengu are skilled in martial arts and a single man is no match for them, they succumb to the overwhelming number of human opponents.

Poor creatures become more and more scared of such incidents and chances to spot a Tengu in Japan are becoming more and more rare.

I think we need to start caring for Tengu if don’t want them to disappear from our world completely.

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