May 202011

Let’s put things straight.

When I take pictures at historical events like reenactment of the Battle of Sekigahara or the Asakura Sengoku Matsuri, I want to catch at least a glimpse of historic atmosphere.

If you don’t respect it…

You’ll end up like this…

And on the top of that, I will also report you to Show Me Japan. Clear?

  6 Responses to “Warning for Mr. Samurai”

  1. hehehe… and next week we’ll plaster him all over the net for everyone else to see! 🙂

  2. LOL Cute! xD

  3. R.O.F.L.
    Made my day!!! ^^)b

  4. Haha, hilarious!

  5. Very funny 🙂 Was it your swordsmanship that resulted in his defeat?

  6. […] My warning to the samurai for “overperforming” his role (on my blog Lens on Japan) […]

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